Initial Stage

Plann was an Instagram based tool when it arrived in 2016 to Synch Soft HQ. The app has initially a few thousand subscribers in the list. The need for Plann team was to redecorate the ecosystem and allow users to feel the app from a new perspective. Synch Soft HQ decided to drop the old versions of the app and build it completely from scratch. Plann team started to focus on customers while Synch Soft HQ started to draft the plot with Plann team regarding the set of achievable.

Plann was initially focused on iOS users as and few iterations later Android joined the ecosystem in beta. Over hundreds of tests and thorough check, Android is rolled out for users later on.

Major Releases

Plann started with core features like Grid similar to Instagram so users can plan accordingly. Store media in the grid in the same way they want to post on IG. It provides notifications for contents.

Few versions later, Plann changed its overall system to paid customers by creating different Paid plans for different users according to their choice. it was much appreciated by users.

Then Plann introduced the use of FB business pages and workspace which received an overwhelming response from users. Later on, Plann was introduced to manage from desktop and its as allowed to user workspaces which is the biggest release of all the time. Synch Soft Team has developed all the app side connections and with Plann's web team they sync the whole system making Plann a versatile ecosystem for users to manage their Instagram.

August, 2016
Instagram Scheduling App
Dev Work
iOS, Android

Plann reached us back in late 2016. The goal of this product was to provide all social media users and influencers to seamlessly use Plann for content scheduling on Instagram. This app was focused on Instagram posts, scheduling them and posting. It offers notification, editing posts with a customized editor built-in.  Later on , it started to evolve functionally as well as in Designing. The successor version of PLANN started to focus content scheduling on Instagram using Facebook business Page alongside offering the realtime analytics of their account and posts performance. This app helped a lot of influencers and users to grow up their network and manage their Instagram handle (individual or linked to business) to give a boost over time. Plann kept evolving till date with bringing in bigger changes overtime so manage Instagram becomes fun and thrilling than before.

We would love to see you using our PLANN app, please find the links here

Android:  Google Play Link

iOS: Apple Store Link

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