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Praise Switch is one of our “Praise Saga” apps. All apps in our “Praise Saga” Line-Up are Christian content and developed for our Christian users through visual items, sounds, Bible passage, and Characters. Great Christian visual reminders and stories for children and adults.


Praise Switch is an addictive Christian based arcade game that stimulates your brain and cognitive functions. Tap right or left based on the box shown scrolling down the screen.

How long can you last?

May 3, 2019
Technology, Ideas
How it Works?

– Left Arrow means to tap the Left side of the screen
– Right Arrow means to tap the right side of the screen
– Double Arrows facing inward means to tap the opposite colour
– Cross Arrows means do not tap either side of the screen
– Blue Box means to tap the blue side of the screen
– Yellow Box means to tap the yellow side of the screen

Disclaimer: Ads are not designed by New Genius, LLC and can be removed at any time. They are only meant to assist and advance in gameplay.


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