Technology Unfolded at a glance


hough it’s not a review note for #samsunggalaxyfold yet Samsung set a new milestone and told all consumers that the Company has a bright future for technological innovation and for the company itself too.

On one side where we see a foldable display with better resolutions per inch (the primary thing with Samsung as they are owning the world-renowned display technology AMOLED displays). We have other features on the software side with taking the User experience to the next level.

App Continuity

Samsung has also aced the user experience factor, at least on paper. The Samsung Galaxy Fold includes app continuity, a feature that will allow apps to seamlessly adapt between multiple display form factors. With app continuity, the user interface automatically switches into a large screen view of whatever you’re doing — editing a document, taking a photograph or simply scrolling through a timeline.

Multi-active Apps

The second most lucrative software feature for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is its ability to run multiple apps at the same time, hence giving the device serious multitasking credentials. The Samsung Galaxy Fold gets two main display areas, which can either be taken up by a single, widescreen movie or game or be divided into three zones for multitasking between actions.

This features which Google is yet to embed perfectly natively to latest Android version #pie. Samsung showed us that they are making new advancement which as visible to consumers at every level.

No wonder , mobile device will be changing shapes and we will see new future by late 2020’s.

That’s all folks! See you until next note. Stay blessed , Stay Productive!

We rapidly take the initiative in executing change and innovation with a risk awareness: we can not survive if we do not constantly strive to innovate.

– Samsung Life