Gayatri Srivastava

Personal Experience

Gayatri has started her career with the Synch SoftHQ in managerial role where she has to manage accounts to some parts of development. With growth in team member she came up with excellance in managing organization structure and handling accounts department maintaining the professional decorum of Synch SoftHQ.  She later took the charge of Human Resource Department and activaly working as HR Manager for the company.

Gayatri is a excellant homemaker and a mother of 3 years old kid. She bears a persona of attracting everyone to listen her and follow her advices. 

Professional Skills
Early Years

She was a engineering graduate before joining Synch SoftHQ and later joining the organization she is taking her academics to another level by persuing MBA side by side her job. 

She is responsible for accounts related subjects, talent recruitment and management, and managing organization policies. she is responsible for the alignment of organization’s revenue into place for proper sustainance, Employee welfare and company’s budgeting for infrastructures.

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