Adarsh Srivastava

Brand Development, Brand Integration, Product Management , Client Aquisition
8 Years
Personal Experience

Since founding Synch SoftHQ in 2014, Adarsh set the goals to take company to new heights and streamline the business all around the globe. At very beginning starting from minimal projects till aquiring products based ideas and delivering support over the years is one of the biggest achievements. 

Adarsh is a frequent speaker on the topics of digital innovation and progressive growth. He is also a master cook and has deep interests in travelling. You can find him scrolling across his feeds all day long on mobile or macbook searching of new concepst , ideaologies which he never hasitates to try out.

Professional Skills
Early Years

He is a services industry veteran with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes worldwide operations, delivery, process improvements, mergers and acquisitions, and integration, as well as sales and business development. He also emphasises on Web based development and heads the team of Web development in Synch SoftHQ.

He is responsible for all delivery, operations, talent recruitment and management, and information technology. He is responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments — enabling growth, consistency, efficiency, and ensuring worldwide operational.

Career Guidelines

Prior to founding Synch SoftHQ, he spent his years at Alcanzar Software Solutions Pvt LTd where he held a wide range of development roles, from Web design to Unity app development, and interacting with Clients to listen up needs and get them executed by interns under his team. He is now CEO and Founder of Synch SoftHQ and has been delivering his efforts in Client Aquisition , Product Management , Branding, Product Delivery, Business Growth and Expansion.

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